One Year Later

One year later and Still there is a piece of my Heart missing. I didn't know I could continue on, when A part of me died. You were my brother aNd friend.  You were so full of lifE. The days leading up to the one year anniversary have been full of nausea, anxiety and dread, during … Continue reading One Year Later


Expanding Awareness

We are all interconnected and we are not alone. These are two indisputable facts. The need to sensationalize life on other planets is antithetical, when the reality of life existing outside of Earth is common sense. To believe life doesn't exist on other planets/planes/dimensions or speculate it might, but "we don't have definitive proof yet" … Continue reading Expanding Awareness

Magelion Says, “He Who Points At Others Also Points At Himself.”

When paying attention to triggers, it is helpful to remember the adage: "When you point a finger at someone else, there are three fingers pointing back at you." On the simplest level, this adage illustrates the dynamics of finger pointing; in order to point a finger, most will extend one finger forward, while placing the remaining … Continue reading Magelion Says, “He Who Points At Others Also Points At Himself.”